He is respected in the community and known as ‘Teacher’. Learners from the community and outlying areas know that Richard Sibisi is the dedicated teacher from Engonyameni, just outside Umlazi who can help them improve their high school Maths results. Richard is a young, previously unemployed technikon graduate, who assists as a Maths Facilitator for the Sanlam Blue Ladder Project and has been teaching extra Maths lessons to Grade 11s at Nwabi High School since April this year.

Thanks to the support from the Sanlam Foundation, MIET AFRICA and our team of Maths facilitators and training co-ordinators are currently working in 18 primary and eight secondary schools in KwaZulu-Natal to assist learners in improving their Maths competency.

Being a teacher is not just a job Richard says, because Maths and improving the lives of learners in his community is his passion. “I have always loved Maths and I want to help leaners to do well in it so they can pass the subject in Matric and apply for courses which require Maths as a subject,” said Richard. “I want to help them do well so that they can improve their lives.”

Click here for more information about the Sanlam Blue Ladder Project: https://www.sanlam.com/about/responsiblebusiness/sanlamfoundation/Pages/the-blue-ladder-schools.aspx

Improving Maths Results, One Learner at a Time