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UNICEF and Unilever partner for health

UNICEF and Unilever partner for health MIET AFRICA was privileged to attend the formal launch of UNICEF and Unilever Domestos’s Partnership for Health initiative, held in in Durban on 5 August. The initiative supports national efforts for the improved health and wellbeing of children in South African schools.

The partnership aims to change behaviours related to hygiene and sanitation by promoting good hygiene practices, raising awareness of sanitation challenges and strengthening the capacity of schools and education professionals to address sanitation issues.

Both UNICEF and Unilever stressed the importance of public-private partnerships in creating the transformational change necessary to combat issues such as the sanitation crisis by leveraging partnering organizations’ core competencies.

“Public-private partnerships are crucial to advancing the agenda for children. Only a focused, collective effort will ensure that even more children and young people in South Africa benefit from improvements in sanitation access and services,”