FutureLife-Now! Regional Task Team Meeting | 11 February 2021

Jennifer Norins

Lesotho Update

Lynn van der Elst & Megan Cockerill

Malawi Update

Patricia Martin

Zambia Update

Zimbabwe Update

The Regional CSTL Technical Committee Meeting | 16 February 2021

MS best practices_v2

FR MS best practices_v2

PMS best practices_v2

Carolyn Medel-Anonuevo – CSTL PRESENTATION COVID 19

UNICEF WFP ESA Mutlisectoral Checklist for School reopening and Schoolbased Nutrition in COVID-19

Jennifer Norins – CSTLReport_2020

Leger Bruggeman – Presentation CSTL meeting-SADC assignment

Maria Bakaroudis – Value of CSE MIET

Megan Cockerill – Presentation CSTL meeting-SADC assignment

Remmy Shawa – UNESCO PPT – Evaluation of the ESA Commitment 2020

FutureLife-Now! Sharing Meeting | 24 & 25 February 2021

Day 1

Country Update – Lesotho

Country Update – Malawi

Country Update – Zambia

Country Update – Zimbabwe

Linkages of Young People to SRHR Services – Lorenza Fluks

Linking CSE to SHRH Services – Maria Bakaroudis

FutureLife-Now! Sharing Meeting – Megan Cockerill

Report on SADC Technical Committee for CSTL

Launch of CSTL Online Community Platform – Shela McCullough

Impact of COVID-19 on Young People in the SADC Region – Yvonne Tagwireyi

Day 2

Implementing CSE – Malawi

Implementing CSE – Namibia

Implementing CSE – South Africa

Implementing CSE – Zambia

Value of CSE a SADC perspective – Lamboly Kumboneki

Climate Change, SRHR and CSE – Maria Bakaroudis

Evaluation of the ESA Ministerial Commitment – Patricia Machawira

Sharing Meeting 2021 Presentations