MIET AFRICA’s work of improving the lives of children and youth is underpinned by the following attributes, which define what we are and what we value.

We are inclusive, caring and courageous:

  • Inclusive—we believe in identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belonging; we believe all should have a voice.
  • Caring—we believe people are holistic beings and we care about all facets of their humanity.
  • Courageous—we face society’s challenges head-on, steadfast in the belief that it is through combined efforts with our partners and a pioneering attitude that we are able to overcome any obstacles.

We value accountability, transparency, integrity and professionalism:

  • Accountability—we hold ourselves responsible to our funders, to the communities we serve and to our fellow NGOs.
  • Transparency—we are open and honest in all that we do.
  • Integrity—we are reliable and trustworthy and pride ourselves in our ethical behaviour.
  • Professionalism—we are leaders in our field and hold ourselves to the highest standards.