Overview and Background

Founded in 1996 as a humble initiative, spearheaded by a journalist and an educator, MIET AFRICA is built on a foundation of inclusivity and a deep respect for human rights. Created to support impoverished rural school communities, MIET AFRICA approaches its work and relationships with integrity, respect, professionalism and care. The rights of the child underpins every aspect of the organisation’s work. Over the past 27 years it has evolved into a leading organisation in the development landscape, and has established a strong presence across the SADC Region with influence further into Africa. The organisation currently has a staff complement of over 450, operating in six countries.

MIET AFRICA’s work is implemented in line with international, continental and regional mandates providing for the rights to health, education and protection of children and young people. It is also informed by national education sector legislation, policies and standards that support the national level harmonisation efforts of well-established human rights instruments.


MIET AFRICA: Improving the lives of children and youth


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