Frontiers of Resistance—championing children’s rights across ESA (Forcesa) is a three year project (2017–19) funded by Save the Children International (with funds provided through Sida [Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency]), the goal of which is that by 2019, children across the East and South African (ESA) Region will access greater rights as a result of participation in regional and national policy decision-making processes through the media, election processes and child-led organizations. Specific objectives are that children, across ESA exercise: (i) their civil and political rights through the media; (ii) their civil and political rights through their effective representation and participation in election processes; (iii) their rights to freedom of association, to be heard, freedom of expression, etc. and to participate in decisions that affect them through their involvement in child-led organizations.

In the first year (2017), the focus is on research to establish a high-level understanding, across the region, of the status of children with regards to their civil and political rights, the media, elections, etc. Year 2 will focus on building or strengthening the regional regulatory and legal framework of shared stan¬dards for active participation of children. Year 3 will focus on assessing progress made in the implementation and in achieving the objectives and goals.