The Primary Education Projects were part of a holistic school improvement programme supported by First National Bank (FNB). They were implemented in two districts each in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) and the Free State. The goal in both provinces was to improve education access, retention and learner performance for all learners in the pilot schools by addressing the management capacity in the schools and the barriers to learning experienced by learners. The projects provided training for the school based support teams and the district based support teams—as well as parents and caregivers and wider school community—so that they could identify learners with barriers, and then access support for them.

The project is funded by FNB.

FNB Primary Education Project—KZN

April 2013–November 2016

In KZN, MIET AFRICA was one of three implementing partners for the FNB PEP. The project was run in 17 schools in the Umgungundlovu and Umlazi Districts. The other implementing partners were the Principals’ Management and Development Programme, responsible for the capacity building programme for principals, members of school management teams and, to some extent, school governing bodies; CASME (Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Education) was the provider for the Literacy and Maths Teacher Development programme.



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FNB Primary Education Project—Free State

November 2013–November 2016

In the Free State, the Primary Education Project was implemented in 20 schools in two districts, Fezile Dabi and Lejweleputswa. The other partners were the University of the Free State (management development) and Molteno (teacher development).



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