The Frontiers of Resistance-championing children’s rights across Eastern and Southern Africa (FoRCESA) programme is a partnership project between Save the Children International and MIET AFRICA, and funded by Sida. The vision is one where children of the East and Southern Africa (ESA) region are engaged as citizens in democratic, inclusive, child-sensitive governance that shape decisions that affect them. The project will be implemented over a three-year period (2017–2019).

Children have an internationally and regionally recognised right to participate in all decisions that affect them. The enjoyment of this right in turn depends on the protection and realisation of a full suite of children’s civil and political rights. These rights include not only the recognition of children as rights-bearing citizens through the right to a name and nationality, but also the right to be active citizens in public life through the exercise of the rights to be heard, freedom of expression and an ability to protest public decision and actions that affect them.


The project aims to strengthen children’s civic and political rights in the ESA region through:

  1. i) conducting a study in the ESA region, to understand how three key platforms – the media, child-led organisations and elections – are used to realise the civil and political rights of children so as to enable their meaningful participation in matters affecting them. The platforms were reviewed against governing legal, developmental and evidence-based prescribed principles and practices of meaningful child participation.


  1. ii) establishing a web-based community of practice (regional children’s news agency and other regulatory platforms) that promote children’s rights and participation.

MIET AFRICA will utilise the platform provided by Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL), a rights-based, systems-strengthening mechanism, to illustrate how theory can be translated into practice.