SACE Professional Development Points: 15

About the course

Your Inclusive School aims to assist School Management Teams to understand inclusion, evaluate their own schools, include all role-players and implement inclusive education policy in their schools.

Course outline

The course consists of four modules:
Module 1: What is an inclusive school?
Module 2: Developing an inclusive culture
Module 3: Developing inclusive policies
Module 4: Developing inclusive practices

Requirements for achieving Professional Development Points

  1. Full attendance at every session
  2. Submission of four assignments

Participants are required to apply what they learn in each module to their own school and write a short report on their findings. It is necessary to receive a “Competent” rating for all four reports.

Course length and delivery

The course is delivered over 8 one-day sessions
Delivery is flexible, for example: Weekly over 8 weeks / Twice weekly over 4 weeks / Fortnightly over 16 weeks

Reviews by past participants
“The course is user friendly, and it is designed for self-teaching as well.”
“The four modules relate very well to the reality of the school environment.”
“The topic on school policies is very challenging, as it exposes some conflicts between reality and what is written on paper.”

Enquiries and enrolment

Email: to find out about running this course at your school.