Keeping Girls in School – Materials

Keeping Girls in School – Materials

Health Sessions
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Learner Handouts

Peer educator manual


A programme for girls in Grades 7-9 on sexual and reproductive health (SRH).
The programme material:
stresses the importance of education
promotes goal-setting that includes a commitment to staying in school and achieving optimally whilst there
works towards shifting social norms on sexual behaviour through building skills, knowledge and positive values and attitudes around SRH.

Keeping Girls in School-Jamborees Opening Doors for Career Success!

In May, the 2015 Keeping Girls in School (KGS) career jamborees programme was launched in the
Sisonke District in KZN, with 1130 girls participating.
These jamborees are held in each of the 30 project schools for their Grade 9 female learners, and are
a source of great excitement. The KZN Science Centre is the implementing partner in KZN. It seeks to
ensure that at the jamborees the girls are provided with information on subject selection in relation
to the various career options available. This is facilitated through a motivational talk by the Science
Centre’s education officer.

The jamborees’ programme includes a focus on psychometric testing of learners through selfinvestigation
of their aptitudes and abilities, personality traits, attitudes and educational
achievements–with the aim of allowing learners to discover more about themselves and, by using
the tools provided, create personal milestones towards their educational achievement and career