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Learner Handouts

Peer educator manual


A programme for girls in Grades 7-9 on sexual and reproductive health (SRH).
The programme material:
stresses the importance of education
promotes goal-setting that includes a commitment to staying in school and achieving optimally whilst there
works towards shifting social norms on sexual behaviour through building skills, knowledge and positive values and attitudes around SRH.

There are two components to the materials: peer education and health education.

1. Peer education material
This material reinforces and supports messaging received via the CAPS Life Orientation curriculum, and in accordance with UNESCO Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education and DBE Guidelines on peer education.

Themes and programme outline: (12 sessions)
Session 1: Introduction to the peer education programme
Theme: You and your relationships
Session 2: Building self-esteem
Session 3: Values and relationships
Session 4: Building healthy relationships through assertiveness
Theme: Sex and sexual behaviour
Session 5: Talking about sex and sexual behaviour
Session 6: Abstaining from sex
Theme: Standing up to abuse
Session 7: Unhealthy relationships and abuse
Session 8: Sexual coercion and rape
Theme: Health challenges
Session 9: HIV and other STIs
Session 10: Teenage pregnancy
Session 11: Alcohol and drug use
Session 12: Reflection and evaluation

Peer educator manual
A file containing an introduction to the programme, facilitation tips, session-related background information and session scripts – to share information, generate discussion and practice skills
Peer mentor guide
Guidelines for mentors – to set-up, support and monitor peer education programme delivery
Learner handouts
Take-home learner handouts – to reinforce session knowledge, skills and messages

2. Health education material
This material strengthens and standardises health education messages on sexual and reproductive health delivered through the Integrated School Health Programme (ISHP)

Session 1: Puberty
Session 2: Pregnancy
Session 3: Contraception
Session 4: STIs including HIV
Session 5: HCT

Health education facilitation pack
An A2-size flipchart poster display
A facilitator guide containing an introduction to the programme, facilitation tips and session scripts -to share information and messages
Learner ISHP leaflets
Take-home learner leaflets in six languages – to reinforce knowledge and messages
Classroom posters
To reinforce session messages

Keeping Girls in School – Materials
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