According to the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic is a health and human crisis threatening the food security and nutrition of millions of people around the world. MIET AFRICA’s regional programme, FutureLife-Now!, recently provided food parcels to vulnerable learners and their families in Malawi through its humanitarian emergency COVID-19 response project.

With the support of local youth facilitators, Malawi Future-Life Now! In-Country Coordinators provided food parcels to over 700 learners from the 10 FutureLife-Now! schools in Malawi. Food included maize flour, rice, beans, cooking oil, sugar and salt. Hand sanitizer was also provided.

During the distribution, which took place between 3-7 July, COVID-19 precautionary measures were strictly adhered to, such as hand washing, the wearing of masks and social distancing.


Distribution of Food Parcels – Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis