Strong system leadership is a critical component and driver for effective and sustainable system transformation.

GELP is a partnership of “thought leaders” from world-class organizations. Teams of key education leaders – who are committed to transforming education in practice and developing the personal skills they need to lead the changes required – collaborate in a global community. GELP supports these education leaders to drive system transformation in their jurisdictions forward, in order to meet the challenges of globalization, demographic shifts and technological advancements.

South Africa is fortunate, through the province of KwaZulu-Natal, to have been invited to participate in this important international programme. The KZN GELP team comprises five members: two from the KZN Department of Education, one from UNISA and two from MIET AFRICA, the development partner – whose role is to coordinate and mobilize resources.

In October, delegates from twelve jurisdictions from six continents gathered as a community of system leaders at the 9th GELP Global Event in New Delhi. The purpose of the intensive event was to report on progress of the transformation of the education systems of the various jurisdictions. Funding support from the National Research Foundation made it possible for three members of the KZN GELP team to participate.

The objectives of the New Delhi event were to

  •  Deepen understanding and the practical consequences of enhanced learner agency, new players and new metrics
  • Harness the expertise of GELP members to address particular challenges and obstacles facing the various jurisdictions

The KZN GELP team members returned from the event with new knowledge and a draft strategy for education transformation in KZN. Work is currently underway to share the strategy with education stakeholders in the province.

Global Education Leaders’ Program (GELP)
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