Download: make-reading-fun-a-guide-for-foundation-phase-teachers

This is a guide for isiZulu Foundation Phase teachers to help them understand the Reading and Phonics part of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement for Grades R-3 (CAPS).

The easy-to-read booklet promotes reading as a fun activity, and it includes examples of exercises that teachers can use when teaching literacy to young learners. It also explains the important differences between teaching reading in isiZulu and teaching reading in English. Understanding these differences makes the teaching of reading easier.

The booklet is written in English, although it is aimed primarily at Foundation Phase teachers of isiZulu Home Language. (It was written in English because teachers themselves say they find it easier to read this kind of information in English.) But it can also be used by teachers of English Home Language or English First Additional Language.

Making reading fun: A guide for Foundation Phase teachers