200 young girls in the Mount Frere Education District will soon receive their Subz Washable Panties and Pads, thanks to a determined MIET AFRICA Training Coordinator. Bukelwa Ntlabati works with primary school learners in the Education: My Right! My Future! Project. As part of her work to identify out-of-school children and ensure that they are enrolled in school, attend school regularly and complete their primary schooling, she noticed a need for sanitary pads in the community and sent an appeal for donations. Project Dignity quickly responded to Bukelwa’s request and sent 200 individual packs of Subz washable pads and panties for girls aged between 11 and 14 years old. Thank you Project Dignity and Subz! To find out more about Project Dignity and to make a donation so that the organization can continue their quest to empower girls of SA, please visit their website www.projectdignity.org.za and www.subzpads.co.za

Subz Washable Panties and Pads Donation