Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in South African Schools is a manual for Department of Education officials, school management, teachers, learners and general assistants, to ensure that schools provide safe water and adequate sanitation, thus increasing learners’ education achievement by reducing sanitation-related disease.

It covers the following topics:

Overview of the WASH programme: The CSTL programme; WASH and the ISHP; WASH in the CAPS Life Skills and Life Orientation curricula

Why is WASH a priority area? Poor WASH leads to disease; WASH is a human right

WASH for health: What is WASH?

Make water safe to drink

Wash hand with soap and water: When to wash your hands; wash hands safely; make hand-washing a habit; How to make a tippy tap

Prevent and treat worm infections

Use the toilet properly

Promote oral health: How to brush your teeth; running a toothbrushing programme at school

Clean and maintain sanitation facilities


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in South African Schools
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