Speak Out! School orientation workshop
Speak Out! School orientation workshop

There have been a lot of activities in the latest phase of CSTL.

Following the sad passing of Theodora Cassamo, the Mozambique Ministry of Education (MINED) appointed another vibrant Focal Point Person, Arlindo Folige. A series of workshops were held to complete the work of customizing the National Support Pack, Conceptual Framework, MER framework and other documents to the Mozambican context.

Speak Out! Phase 2 was introduced, and has been warmly received at both national and school level. It focuses on prevention and management of sexual harassment and violence. It follows on from the great strides made in the first phase in 2012, during which people’s concerns about these issues were identified, and there was an increase in public debate about them. A number of cases were reported to the police, and through the establishment of focus groups, the schools and community have collaborated closely in the fight against this scourge.

A highlight of this year was the train-the-trainer workshop on counselling skills, identification and referral procedures, the setting up of youth clubs and how to conduct dialogues using Community Capacity Enhancement strategy. Participants at the workshop included representatives from different sectors like MINED, the Ministries of Justice, Labour, Internal Affairs and Social Welfare, Save the Children and UNICEF.

Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL): A busy time in Mozambique
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