DRC Ministry team (Validation workshop)
DRC Ministry team (Validation workshop)

It has been a very busy first semester in the DRC, with the process of customizing regional documents to the national context needing to be completed before the end of the current phase of CSTL. A four-day validation workshop was held from 22-25 July, during which three teams intensively scrutinized the National Support Pack, the Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Framework and Speak Out! materials. The workshop was held soon after Mme. Yenga Sako Wivine’ was appointed Focal Point Person for CSTL, to replace M. Konga Bakombo Jose’, who was on sick leave.

The workshop was graced with the presence of an advisor to the Ministry, M. Bula Bula Joseph, and M. Odon Mulanda (Director Curriculum), which confirms the importance and seriousness with which the DRC Ministry accords to CSTL and CSTL activities.

The National Coordinating Unit approved all the documents, and a the letter of approval was signed by the Focal Point Person (Ministry), Regional Master Trainer(MIET AFRICA) and the Permanent Secretary. They were then officially handed over to MIET AFRICA so that they could be laid out, formatted and printed. This is a notable achievement for a Member State that only joined CSTL in Phase 2.

CSTL: DRC signs off its contextualized national documents!
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