In March MIET AFRICA was invited to present a workshop on Curriculum Differentiation to mentors from Toyota-Teach, a sister organization involved in teacher development.  The two-day workshop covered the need for adapting what we teach, how we teach, and where we teach.

Other topics included:

  • How to group learners in a multi-level class so that they can achieve their full potential
  • Implementing DBE policies, such as SIAS
  • How to diagnose learning difficulties experienced by learners in the key subjects of language and Maths
  • Strategies to address the individual learning and support needs of all learners in the classroom

“The presentation was eye-opening and very informative in terms of how to group learners according to their levels of understanding,” said one workshop participant. “Now I am confident to capacitate teachers on the principles and strategies for differentiation,” said another.

Curriculum Differentiation Workshop