On 22-23 April a workshop was held in Swaziland, at which the Ministry of Education and Training, supported by MIET AFRICA and its consultant, Ms Eleanor Hazell, began the process of customizing the Regional CSTL MER framework to the Swaziland context.

The new MER focal person, Ms Nonhlanhla Shongwe has quickly grasped what needs to be done, and took a leadership role throughout the proceedings. With her leadership – and with the support from other people present, in particular Mr John Hlope (Acting Director: Guidance and Counselling), Mr Jabulani Shabalalaor (Director: EMIS) and Mrs Sthembile Mbingo (Diretor: SHAPE) – it should be possible to complete the customization within the allocated time. The team themselves are confident that they can do it, and remarked that “it is not that difficult after all”.

It will be vital for the team to consult with other stakeholders, for example UNICEF, UNESCO and NERCHA (The National Emergency Response Council on HIV and AIDS), before they finalize the indicators and data collection tools. It is also important that EMIS be closely involved in the process. MiET Africa will “check-in” with the team weekly or biweekly to see that everything is on track.

During the workshop significant steps were taken in the process of customization, and a workplan for the process was prepared and agreed up by all the stakeholders present.

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