Delegates of the March workshop held in Gaberone, Botswana
Delegates of the March workshop held in Gaberone, Botswana

MIET AFRICA and Stockholm University are leading a North – South partner-driven cooperation between South Africa, Namibia and Botswana in the south, and Sweden in the north. The initiative is funded by the SIDA (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency), and the countries are participating through representatives from their Ministries of Education, and representatives of one university and one NGO per country. The project responds to the international shift towards emphasis on creating inclusive systems of education, which has been promoted by several significant bodies and agreements, and is in-line with a human rights-based approach.

The initiative aims to strengthen understanding of what is meant by democracy and inclusion in educational settings, as well as attempting to address the question: What are the implications of an inclusive and democratic approach to teaching and learning on teacher education and development?

The initiative started in 2010 and through site visits to different educational institutions in the participating countries, conducting research in schools, and sharing meetings, the exchange has been enriching. The last workshop held in Gaberone in Botswana from 11 to 15 March was one such meeting, where participants got to broaden their understanding of Inclusive Education and the challenges that we face as we transform our education systems. MIET AFRICA also led a workshop for the participants preparing themselves to go out and conduct case study research in schools.

The Botswana Ministry of Education was an excellent host, and the people in Botswana were very warm and welcoming. It proved to be a very good workshop, with high level support for the initiative shown. Every participant will remember the Botswana experience as everyone was treated to some precious mementos from Botswana.

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