Since its adoption by SADC Ministers of Education in 2008, the Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL) Framework has been instituted within the South African Department of Basic Education as a guide for mainstreaming care and support. An evaluation of CSTL was planned for 2019/2020, but with the advent of the coronavirus in early 2020, this was not possible. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic and related government lockdowns have resulted in numerous consequences for the education sector and the children it serves. It was thus determined necessary to conduct a rapid evaluation of CSTL implementation in schools, to determine how schools have coped during the COVID-19 period. The findings of the rapid evaluation were presented at the November 2021 CSTL conference, as a contribution to discussions around strengthening the system for effective delivery of school-based care and support services and preparing the system and schools for future disruptions or emergencies. This report provides an overview of the rapid evaluation and a summary of the key findings presented at the CSTL conference.

REPORT | Gains and Losses for Care and Support in a COVID-19 Era: Findings of a Rapid Evaluation of CSTL in South African Schools