RHIVA learners playing the Giant boardgame
RHIVA learners playing the Giant boardgame
“Aaaa…..li…li….li….saphindesadlasingasaqali!” These ululations are prominent at RHIVA advocacy events thus far, and express the profound impact RHIVA has had within the Vulindlela community. The RHIVA team recently hosted advocacy events across 14 RHIVA schools. This year’s advocacy work encompasses RHIVA learners, parents and community members.

A high point has been the presentation of certificates to parents who participated in the gardening training last year. Community members were very happy and emphasized that MIET AFRICA has been the only organization that caters for their needs as communities.

For the RHIVA learners, a giant board game on Staying Healthy has been the highlight of the advocacy event as they have had an opportunity to play in bigger groups and interact with their peers. In most of the schools we found it difficult to stop the learners from playing the game when the time was up!  They were highly delighted to receive individual boardgames, beanies and food parcels to take home. (For more about this board game, see our publications section.)

The RHIVA team has done filming in the following schools: Asande, Shayabantu and Matomela. This went successfully, as learners were willing to be interviewed and offered meaningful information about their RHIVA experiences. In Matomela High School we did filming on the SLP (Sustainable Livelihoods Programme) sessions. We were impressed with the way learners participated during the filming and, most importantly, with the considerable knowledge they have gained over a period of two years – knowledge they will be able to apply in their daily lives.


RHIVA advocacy: Take a chance and see what the consequence is!
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