Download: Caring For Others (Word doc)

The goal of home-based health care is to treat illness or injury in the home environment, and to provide assistance to patients in their homes, including babies, children and the elderly. They may also be required to provide assistance to people facing emotional crises as a result of illness, accidents or other types of trauma. This handbook gives information to carers to enable them to provide care and support to people in their community.

This handbook is divided into the following sections:

Section 1: Finding out about HIV and AIDS
This section answers some of the questions that many people have about HIV and AIDS, such as what it is, how you get infected, how you can avoid infection and how to live positively with the disease.

Section 2: Common health problems and illnesses
This section gives basic information about signs and symptoms of common health problems and illnesses, listed in alphabetical order.

Section 3: Introduction to counselling skills
This section aims to help you to understand the counselling process and to practise listening and questioning techniques. It introduces you to some basic counselling concepts. It also gives guidelines on working with children who have been abused.

Section 4: Taking care of yourself
This section looks at what stress is and what to do about it. It aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to be able to identify signs and causes of stress in yourself, and to take appropriate action to help you cope.

Caring for Others