The SADC Secretariat, UNESCO, UNICEF, MIET AFRICA and key partners held a successful webinar on 3 September which provided a platform for exchange between education leaders and stakeholders on good practices and challenges related to the re-opening of schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar highlighted the close relationship between health and education and the negative impact COVID-19 has had in this regard. Lockdowns highlighted pre-existing challenges facing schools, for example infrastructure and governance, and other roles that schools play aside from education, for example in nutrition. A key takeaway message is that at the systemic level, it is necessary to build resilient and robust systems, and it was acknowledged that the following elements were critical: infrastructure, capacity building, (e.g. equip teachers with ICT skills), financing, psycho-social well-being of educators, and the building of partnerships.

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Educators, safety and the return to school – an ILO approach – Oliver Liang

Eswatini Reopening Schools during COVID -19 – Lindiwe Dlamini

Managing Safe Schools in the Context of COVID-19 – Dr Granville Whittle

Reopening Schools in the Time of COVID-19 – Stephen Gubi – Zimbabwe

Reopening Schools Post COVID-19 lockdown – Godwin Khosa

SADC Webinar on School Reopening – Dr Patricia Machawira

School Health and Nutrition in the context of COVID-19 in Southern Africa – Trixie-Belle Nicolle

Teaching Experience during the covid-19 pandemic in Zambia – Andrew Banda

Webinar on Reopening of Schools – Eric Sinyangwe


Report & Presentations|| SADC Webinar: Reopening Schools in the Time of COVID-19 – Best Practices, Experiences and Challenges