MIET AFRICA requires a service provider to design, curate, evolve and support the Care and Support for Teaching and Learning (CSTL) online ecosystem.

CSTL is an innovative approach that responds to the millions of children and youth in the region whose right to education is compromised by a host of barriers to quality teaching and learning.

The SADC CSTL Policy Framework provides ministries of education with guidance in strengthening their systems so that schools are able to serve as sites of integrated support where quality education is secured and child and youth-friendly services are provided in support of health, gender, migration, food security and other challenges. The ecosystem will focus on stakeholder engagement and learning as well as knowledge management and sharing, in ways that accelerate the impact of the CSTL mandate.

The design of the online ecosystem will be developed following a strategy session where the initial blueprint of the ecosystem is determined, including: setting the objectives, the purpose, the initial shared experience and the measurement strategy. Ongoing community management, engagement and curation will be required for a 12-month period, until November 2021.

Click here for the full ToR. Deadline for submissions is 12 noon on 16 November 2020.

Terms of Reference || Building and Curating the CSTL Ecosystem